What is the focus of Optimal Energy Nutrition?

For an individual to fully enjoy life whatever age they are, they need to have the right nutrients from a personalised diet, which are properly absorbed, know what exercise to engage in and have the most effective thinking skills. Many people today suffer with chronic conditions that they put up with, however a Functional Medicine approach challenges this and uses your story as a key tool for integrating any diagnosis, signs and symptoms and evidence of clinical imbalance, into a comprehensive approach to improve your body function and wellbeing.

Stress Reduction Programme

Stress occurs whenever we perceive ourselves to be in a situation where we feel that we do not have the capacity to influence or achieve the outcome we want. It can also occur with long working hours, an imbalance between our personal and working lives and pressurised environments. It is vital to understand how to combat the effects of stress and fatigue, which often go hand in hand.

This programme of 4, 2 hour sessions will enable you to learn how to deal with stress and approach your life from a different perspective in the future.

Chronic Fatigue Program

Chronic fatigue is complex subject and may have originated as a response to a virus or traumatic event. It is also important to look for possible predisposing factors or antecedents, which have been accumulating over many years, as well as the underlying unbalanced bio-chemical pathways in the body. Helen provides an in depth analysis of the problems you have on the first consultation in order to improve energy and activity. The nutritional and lifestyle advice is designed to identify functional imbalances in your body, this information forms the basis of a plan that will optimise your health and performance.

Effective Thinking Skills

Stress occurs when what we want to achieve we perceive as bigger than us and when we experience trauma or a significantly emotional event. Stress is reflected in the signalling that triggers the body to act in a certain way. An example is the effect on the gut, it can cause undigested food to enter the blood stream, which the body will attack possibly leading to low level inflammation, an underlying factor in many chronic diseases. Dealing with stress, phobias, anxiety and emotional upset can have a profoundly positive effect on our health and wellbeing, at Optimal Energy Nutrition we achieve this through personal coaching using cognitive psychology, educational frameworks and emotional freedom techniques (EFT).

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