Kleresca Skin Rejuvenation.


Tweakment review: Kleresca skin rejuvenation – From Alice Hart-Davis Tweakmnents Guide. Anyone for fluorescent light rejuvenation? Regular readers of my content will know I’m a fan of the way red light can regenerate and heal the skin. So I was intrigued to hear of a blue-light treatment that claims great results for rejuvenating the …




There’s been quite an advance in the formulations of so-called active ingredients in our skincare products in recent years, and the marketing suggests that they can produce impressive results at the deeper skin layers, possibly to the point of circumventing the need for skincare that works with (or at) the more superficial layers. Unfortunately, …


Aesthetic Treatments for Men


Until relatively recently, men’s interest in looking after themselves and their appearance as they age has usually centred around weight control and fitness, very often by going to the gym regularly. There may have been the occasional spillover into aesthetic treatments such as laser hair removal for a hairy back or prescription medication from …

big fat mess

Fats and Fiction


Fats and Fiction Fat is confusing. Does it make you fat? Does it raise cholesterol, block your blood vessels and cause heart attacks? What’s the whole thing with good cholesterol and bad cholesterol anyway? In this blog we take a short tour around the latest research and look at where it leaves us when …


Reaching for the White Crystal


As part of a so-called healthy lifestyle, guidelines from health professionals and the Government tell us to restrict salt to less than a teaspoon of day, equivalent to 2300 milligrams of sodium, which constitutes half the make-up of salt. But has anyone ever questioned the rationale behind this and published the results? Dr James …


Weight Loss (3 of 3): The Role of Exercise


In the previous blogs in this series, we discussed how decades of yo-yo dieting, along with our Western, high-carbohydrate diet, produces metabolic problems and weight gain over the years, and what to do when this happens, so that your body can burn fat more easily. In this blog, we’ll look at the role of …


Weight Loss (2 of 3): How to get out of a big fat mess


In the previous blog we explained how your metabolism can go slowly out of kilter following decades of a diet high in carbohydrates, typical of our Western culture, eventually making it difficult for you to lose weight using the traditional method of eating a bit less and moving around more, due primarily to a …


Fat Freezing Machines


With so many fat freezing machines on the market at the moment, how can you navigate through the sales pitch of each clinic and find the right treatment for you? The January 2018 edition of Aesthetic Medicine featured the top twenty body contouring machines in its Body Shaping Dossier, and that wasn’t even an …

Calorie Counting

Weight Loss (1 of 3): Why doesn’t calorie counting work so well as we get older?


Help! Why Isn’t Calorie Counting Working For Me Anymore? Do you ever wonder why calorie counting and the “eat less, move more” approach to dieting becomes harder to stick to, as well as less effective as we get older? Does our willpower just become weaker with age? In the first of this series of …


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