Fat Freezing Machines


With so many fat freezing machines on the market at the moment, how can you navigate through the sales pitch of each clinic and find the right treatment for you? The January 2018 edition of Aesthetic Medicine featured the top twenty body contouring machines in its Body Shaping Dossier, and that wasn’t even an …

Calorie Counting

Weight Loss (1 of 3): Why doesn’t calorie counting work so well as we get older?


Help! Why Isn’t Calorie Counting Working For Me Anymore? Do you ever wonder why calorie counting and the “eat less, move more” approach to dieting becomes harder to stick to, as well as less effective as we get older? Does our willpower just become weaker with age? In the first of this series of …

Vitamin D

Spotlight on Vitamin D


Vitamin D has been in the news recently, with the revelation that half of adults are deficient, and for the first time, many children are now also deficient. Previously, children made lots of this vitamin from the action of sunlight on the skin when they were out playing in the sunshine, but they are …

researching botox clinic's

Researching Botox Clinic’s


The process of researching Botox Clinic’s  can be a daunting one, however if you follow the 5 steps detailed by Springwell Clinic’s Director Stephanie Green you can avoid the the practitioners who can’t be trusted and are only out there to make a quick profit. Stephanie has over 18 years worth of experience as …

summer recovery treatments

Summer recovery treatments.


It could be you will need to think about summer recovery treatments if you were lucky and managed to enjoy the great outdoors wether it be at home or abroad. Maybe that a little over indulgence occurred and you are starting to notice the results!. Has the summer left you worrying about your complexion …

First Botox injection

First Botox Injection?


Are you considering having your first Botox injection? If so here are 5 things you need to consider before taking the decision to go ahead with a treatment. 1. Who can I trust? The most important part of your decision making process will be finding a practitioner you can trust. Nothing is more essential for …

3D Breast Reconstruction

3D Breast Reconstruction – at Bextravagant


3D Breast Reconstruction at Springwell Clinic, Marlow.  We are proud to be able to provide a venue for Vicky’s incredible work in helping women who survive the trauma of breast cancer by her unique 3D Breast Reconstruction treatment. The article was published in the Sun newspaper and was written by JAKE RYAN AND JOSIE GRIFFITHS. …

Springwell Clinic Stephanie Green

8 Reasons to choose Springwell Clinic.


1. Detailed consultations and clinical assessment. Springwell Clinic team believes the fundamental basis of a successful aesthetic procedure or skincare treatment is a good quality consultation with a skilled, qualified practitioner who fully understands your needs, and looks at your treatment as a journey, not a one-off event. 2. Nurse-led clinic. Stephanie Green and Lucy O’Neill …

underarm sweating



Underarm sweating can be a problem for many – it can be disabling and embarrassing. Underarm sweating is triggered by stress, anxiety and warmth. It can limit self confidence by making sufferers self conscious and anxious. The dark wet underarm patches are a constant reminder meaning many clothes changes or anxiety about the sweat smelling. …


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