Removing stubborn stomach fat

3D LipoMedOn reaching my late 40’s I needed (and it was long overdue) to pay more attention to my body. I upped the gym workouts, however, although I did lose weight, my stomach didn’t regain the firmness I wanted.

I’d heard about 3D LipoMed and researched this relatively new treatment and spoke with Stephanie at Springwell Clinic to get her advice. I’ve been visiting Stephanie for the last five years for minor treatments like IPL for hair removal and unsightly age spots and the odd de-wrinkle. Everything done was life changing good. And for my stomach, Stephanie agreed 3d lipomed – but only for two problem areas on my tummy to help achieve the result I wanted.

There were 8 treatments in all, spaced a week apart and lasting an hour each. I was surprised to feel no pain at all!

Tightening skin across stomach area

Skin tightening with 3D LipoThe 3D LipoMed treatment consisted of three different stages ‘fat freezing’ (the fat leaves the body slowly over 3 months) followed by ‘cavitation’, which aids the breaking down of fat cells followed by ‘radio frequency’, which is used to tighten the skin – and this was the main thing I wanted.

From the start I was told I would see ultimate results within eight weeks from the fat freezing dispensing from the body. But with the cavitation and skin tightening the benefit was obvious from week one.

The result? At the end of the eight-week course Springwell took a photo to compare with my tummy pre treatment. It was fabulous to see I had my natural curves back and for the first year in a decade, I was able to face the beach in a bikini again. Bliss!

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