Lip Filler

Lip filler, dermal filler, Springwell ClinicI have been noticing the lines around my mouth for a few years and especially since the menopause as they have been getting deeper. I’ve been reading lip filler and anti-wrinkle treatment articles and anything that mentions how to improve these lines and decided the time had come to actually do something about them. I was very nervous as with 2 sons and a husband at home who would tease me if my lips looked big, I wanted a subtle result. I researched local clinics and decided on Springwell because of their experience and that they were nurses.

Natural looking lips

Stephanie explained about the treatment and to go for the natural look that I wanted. When I got home the after the first treatment, my lips were a little swollen but they settled down after a day and I could see the improvement immediately. The second treatment was done a month later and I am so happy with the results. I have a few fine lines left but I’m happy with that as I think my lips look like mine but more like my younger lips.”

I have the natural look I wanted - my lips look like mine only younger

Jacqui Robertson 56, Gerrards Cross

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