Who Should Chemical Peel?

The Chemical Peel was the number one cosmetic procedure in the late 90’s. The episode of Sex and the City with Samantha’s memorable results possibly put a few people off having them, it was my initial thought when a peel was suggested to me! Peels are far cheaper than laser treatments – you are looking at £200 rather than in some cases thousands depending on which laser you choose. They make your products work better because within seconds dead skin cells are dissolved so nothing impends the penetration of quality products applied. The cells below the damaged layers of skin multiply and move up – which is why your skin looks so smooth and healthy afterwards. Unlike a laser it can be used at any time of year – even if you are tanned – and on any skin tone.

What happens in the peel?

Lucy O’Neill at the Springwell Clinic did all three of my TCA Chemical Peels. She is so knowledgable. Lying back on a treatment bed the skin is cleansed before the liquid is applied with fingertips – quickly all over – and then again. Lucy kept massaging my face throughout the process because the skin after a few moments begins to tingle and heat up. For about 90 seconds it isn’t pleasant – but the intense stinging phase is short. Lucy looks for the skin to frost which tells her that the peel had hit the level of the skin that it’s effective at. And then it is neutralised with another solution.

My first TCA Chemical Peel - Day 1

amy1Amy - day2The day of the TCA Chemical Peel. After the treatment Lucy applied SPF50 to my skin. I applied a small amount of mineral tinted sunscreen, and no one would have noticed that anything had happened to my skin. I went to meet my Dad and my sister, and without me telling them about it – which of course I did – they would never have known.

What a TCA Chemical Peel looks like- Day 3 & 4

Amy - day 3

Amy - day 4By the morning of the third day I was peeling and by the evening whole layers of skin were peeling off.
On the fourth day after the peel I had a family lunch to attend and it would have been better to stay indoors!

My second TCA Chemical Peel

amy - 2nd peelSix weeks later I had the second TCA Chemical Peel. I had to get on a long haul flight the day afterwards and on this occasion on the second day I did start to peel – the plane no doubt contributed to that. I peeled really quickly and intensely and my skin recovered far quicker. I had the peel on the 31st March and my skin looked fairly normal by the 4th April. I had flown to LA and was extremely careful with sunscreen. I also really hydrated this time – and I wonder if that helped my skin to return to normal more quickly.

My Third Chemical Peel

amy - results from 3rd peelMy third TCA chemical peel was interesting because it happened so slowly. The procedure didn’t hurt nearly as much as last time and the peeling stage happened far more slowly. Lucy at Springwell tells me this is because my skin is less damaged – which of course I love to hear! I began peeling after day 4 and gently peeled for around 10 days. It was completely manageable even though the process took longer.

I’m so happy with the results, my skin looks brighter – and my long term plan is to have a peel once a year for maintenance.

I’m so happy with the results, my skin looks brighter – and my long term plan is to have a peel once a year for maintenance.

Susie Amy, Actress and Beauty Blogger

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