Hydrafacial – we did this offer before and it was very popular, so its back!
Buy 2 Hydrafacials and get 1 free. This is a saving of £130 and is the most amazing treatment for your skin.
Offer ends 30th September 2021.

Bright Eyes

Bright Eyes Treatment – This is a combination of HIFU around the eyes and a Perk Treatment. The perfect combination to lift and brighten the eyes.  Perk is an add on treatment to a Hydrafacial  HIFU in combination with the Perk, which lightly exfoliates the eye area will improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, puffiness and dark circles. The serum from the treatment is given for you to use at home and lasts up to 4 weeks.  HIFU is £150 for treatment around the lower eyes or £250 for above the eyes as well. A Perk is £75 normally but get it for £25 if having with HIFU eyes.

I had my first Botox™ treatment with Stephanie 18 months ago. I'm mid-forties and had pronounced lines on my forehead and around the eyes from well inside my early thirties. What I wanted to achieve was a face that still looked natural, but a lot less tired looking and much more in keeping with how I felt inside. Stephanie couldn't have come more highly recommended and within days of her first treatment, it wasn't hard to see why! The procedure was close to pain-free and the lines and wrinkles began vanishing within days. By the time the Botox had worked to its full effect, I was pretty taken aback by what I was seeing in the mirror. It was far more in keeping with my later twenties than early forties (which take it from me is a feeling tough to beat!). Aside from all her other skills, Stephanie is genius at getting a natural look. I couldn't recommend her more highly and I can't ever see myself entrusting Botox treatments to anyone else.

Tony Start

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