Here are some examples of the complaints which caused patients to consult Gersende at the Clinic:
 A three weeks old newborn who can’t rotate his head to the left, who suffers from reflux and who gets very unsettled especially during feeding time; A 15 yrs old boy who suffered from severe concentration problems, sleeping difficulties, panic attacks and severe back pain following a terrible car accident which happened to him a year ago; A non-operable 33 yrs old man suffering in agony from 7 prolapsed discs caused by the practice of Body Building and very heavy weight lifting; A 48yrs old woman finding difficult to embrace the early stage of menopause; A 68 yrs old man sadly referred with suspicion of prostate cancer who consulted for constant Low Back Pain for no apparent reason?


Throughout the past 18 years, Gersende’s only motivation has been to find the cause of her patients’s Chronic pain or complaint rather than treating their symptoms only.

Her approach is to look equally at the balance of all 1.Physiological, 2.Intellectual/Psychological, 3.Emotional, and 4.Chemical systems in order to treat efficiently. This holistic approach has been proven to provide a huge relief to many patients for a wide range of health conditions.


“Looking for the cause of the complaint is the first and only target we should be interested in, in order to pinpoint the onset and trigger factor of the condition. Only then we can treat and hope to fix the problem.” Gersende
Sometimes the cause of a problem could be due to a physical trauma like a very bad fall, an accident, or even a difficult birth, (for the mum and the baby!); Sometimes due to a chemical or hormonal reaction to strong inappropriate drugs such as anti-depressants or steroids; Sometimes due to an emotional shock such as grief, a loss, a separation; Sometimes due to a dysfunction; The body may find it too hard to regain its “homeostasy”, which means the maintenance of the optimal function of the 4 body systems that work together.


Mr P.L. is a very successful and foreign business man in his mid sixties who consulted the practice for the 1st time 4 yrs ago, suffering from Chronic Low Back Pain caused by a very high stress level at work and many hours of traveling in planes and sleeping in different mattresses. He used to be a painkiller addict although he did not like it. He wrote:”Gersende! YOU SAVED MY LIFE!!!! I’m so grateful. My pain is nothing to worry about. I don’t need painkillers.'”Thanks for another magic treatment. I wish I lived in the neighbourhood and could see you more often!””YOU are obviously the magic talented! I must admit I have been Gersende addicted. I have had no pain since I saw you.”

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