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Dedicated to providing a full range of expertly delivered facial aesthetics and skin treatments, we aim to bring out the absolute best in how you look and feel. Our face treatments range from line and wrinkle reduction, dermal fillers, Profhilo, skin tightening, acne treatments and skin peels, to rejeuvenating hydrafacials, perfect to perk up that dull winter skin. We pride ourselves in offering a five star service to all our new and returning face clinic clients, in a warm and welcoming environment where your wellbeing is top priority. We are proud of the community of returning customers we have at Springwell, read some of their reviews and stories. Still got questions? Contact us today for a free consultation and we would be happy to answer any queries you may have.

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Stephanie is simply the best in her field of expertise! It is a delight to have an appointment with her and she suggests the best treatments for my face. I regularly receive comments like “ You really don’t look your age Alison “ or “ You look REALLY good! “ Over the many years I have had treatments from Stephanie, no one has every guessed. Everything she does produces a youthful and natural look. I unreservedly recommend Stephanie to anyone who desires to look youthful again!  Alison, 26 Feb 2022

I’m so happy I found this clinic. Stephanie provides the most natural enhancements. I trusted her advice on what I needed. I drive one and a half hours to have my treatment and it’s been well worth it.  Sylvie 17 July 2022

I’ve been coming to Springwell for over a year now and it just keeps getting better. I feel like one of the family as they are all so open and fun, while retaining absolute professionalism. I am over the moon I found this little gem in Marlow. I have two treatments. HIFU and Profhilo. The HIFU is a yearly procedure and thank God it is as it’s not without its discomfort. But it’s over quickly and the results are astonishing.

Absolutely loved my experience with Springwell Clinic, right from the first phonecall to being greeted at the clinic, I was made to feel very comfortable. The staff are amazing and very knowledgeable. My appointment was only for a consultation and I was offered my skin peel there and then! It was fantastic! I actually can’t wait to go back in 4 weeks.

I had a Hydrafacial with Emma. It was a fantastic treatment – my skin feels and looks amazing! Emma and all the staff at Springwell were very friendly and professional and the clinic was spotlessly clean. I’m very much looking forward to my next visit!

This was my third visit and won’t be my last. I wouldn’t go anywhere else or trust anyone else with my face. The advice and service that I receive on every single visit is outstanding. I always feel in safe, expert hands and I never feel pressurised to do anything that Im not comfortable with. I can highly recommend Stephanie and her team. Suzy.

Superb, as always! I wouldn’t dream of going anywhere else and I drive from central London to see Stephanie. She’s a brilliant aesthetician and an all round super person. And Stephanie has a fabulous team at Springwell.

Our initial consultation was a really good experience. The staff were friendly and helpful from 1st greeting to booking stage. They took time to really understand the situation and showed real empathy. They were really thorough in talking through what would happen and showed us before & after pictures so we could see what results we could expect. We did not feel rushed in any way. There was no pressure to make a decision or to be upsold to. The information leaflet that we were given was the most useful leaflet I have seen to date & contained information that has taken me months to find out by myself. They even gave us a sample product to try as we do not have this stage in the current skincare regime. Needless to say we have booked a course of treatment and am looking forward to seeing the results.

I was forever wanting “HD Brows” and have never had the “Arch” to complete that eyebrow I have always wanted. Since meeting Lyndsey and finding out about her extreme talents, I have achieved the eyebrow goal I was looking for! They are a beautiful piece of art work that I am forever proud to have on my face! I am eternally grateful.

Another great Hydrafacial treatment. Very thorough and was given a perk treatment on lips for free with a serum to take home. Won’t go anywhere else as the service is second to none.

I have decided to have all my cosmetic procedures done by you as I find you very friendly and this puts me at ease. You understand what I need and the results prove that you are not only experienced but an expert at what you do.

My nurse was great at supporting me through my little worries and twice when my skin was red and I was going out, she helped me to use products to calm my skin down. The results have been worth everything and I never want to go back to my ‘ old’ skin! Nurse support, Hydrate and Bare Minerals have been my best allies on my journey to better skin

Short Wave Diathermy is quick and a large number of tags are able to be treated in a single appointment. Even though the treatment causes a little redness and some scabbing for a short while afterwards, the result of smooth clear skin is worthwhile and hasn’t put me off returning for my regular sessions!

As usual, it was an excellent experience, very pleasant and great value for money. Stephanie is just amazing! She always provides the most professional advice and the best advice for the customer. Stephanie always paints a very realistic picture of the result the customer can expect, I know that I’ll never be disappointed. Will come back again and again. Thank you.

I thought the only thing that would work in my saggy jawline would be a face lift until I read an article about ultrasound and for me it sounded like an option I’d prefer. It only needed one treatment, which was uncomfortable, but certainly tolerable. I know I won’t get any results for 2-3 months but I’m excited to see how I will look

I was recommended to try a course of microneedling when I went to see about the crepey skin I had started to see on my chest. I have to admit I was slightly sceptical that tiny needles could bring about the changes I was promised, but they did. My chest may not be the skin of an 18 year old but it looks much better than it did and I’m so pleased I was advised to have the treatment.

I’ve been having Botox and fillers for 4 years now and I’m delighted with the smoother, more youthful look I now have but then I noticed that my neck was starting to age and not look as good as the rest of my face. I was recommended a course of 6 treatments of radiofrequency to tighten the neck skin. I’ve only had 2 so far but I can already see the effects and the treatment was actually nice and relaxing. I can’t wait to see the final result.

I would be very happy to recommend The Hydra facial at the Springwell Clinic. My skin feels thoroughly cleansed, toned and awake, just what it needs to get us through the dark winter months. Therapist Emma is particularly good and extremely professional.

I had acne as a teenager and thought I was clear and that was the end of it until I had my first baby. I had terrible acne throughout the pregnancy, which I thought, would clear afterwards but it didn’t and was beginning to leave marks on my skin. It was then that I sought the help of Stephanie. She changed my skin care to products that actually treated my acne and then I had a course of skin rejuvenation to help the small scars and even out my skin. I still have the occasional breakout but I’m so happy now and feel I know how to look after my skin properly

“Well 2nd Profhilo done. So ready for Christmas now !! Steph worked her magic again not a bruise in sight so face has had its 3 month service lips and eyebrows courtesy of the fab Lindsey, lips gently pumped up by Steph, again NO pout mouth. Is there no end to the magic they can do? Wish they could sort out the whole body. The lovely Leonie got me a posh chocolate. Is there no end to the amazing service I get at the clinic? I know they will miss me until I return for the next service in April. I understand that XX”

I have been going to Stephanie Green for both Fillers and Botox for the past ten years and can not begin to express how professional and competent she is. Since I have been going to her I have seen huge improvements in my skin. I had some acne scarring from when I was a teenager and with fillers she has helped to smooth this over and the wrinkles around my lips and eyes have been considerably reduced. I love getting my botox™ topped up, as within a matter of days I can see a dramatic improvement around my eyes and my forehead is now so much smoother.

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