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What is SW Skin Care?

SW skincare products are highly effective, affordable, clinically validated skincare that deliver improvements to the skin.  It is a simple, easy to use system divided clearly into 3 areas: Prepare, Protect and Prevent. Using only one product from each section is often all that is required for an effective, general skin care system.

For more advanced acne, Obagi is usually recommended by the nurses at Springwell Clinic. More information about Obagi is on a separate page. All prices can be found on our shop page.

What are Skin Peels?

At Springwell Clinic we offer a variety of skin peels. At your consultation, your nurse will recommend the peel that is appropriate for your skin. Light skin peels, such as the Mandelic or the Obaji Blue Radiance, are suitable for all and are used to treat mild acne, rosacea, pigmentation  or simply to refresh your skin. They have very little down time, often just some mild pinkness. Medium depth peels such as the TCA peel are the more usual type of peel we use as they correct a number of skin conditions. Deep peels such as the Obagi Blue peel are rarely needed as good skincare and alternative treatments often correct the skin first.

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What is a TCA peel?

A TCA peel is a skin resurfacing treatment which can help improve fine lines and wrinkles, sun damage (including pigmented skin), acne scarring and generally give a clearer and more even skin tone and texture. More than one is usually recommended for best results but the number will be discussed at your consultation (3-4 is normal) and they are usually spaced 8-12 weeks apart. It is often referred to as the ‘Midweek Peel” because if you have the treatment on a Wednesday you will not start peeling until the weekend and should be ready for work on Monday!


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Are there any side effects?

The peel takes about 15-20 minutes and you will feel a slight tingling or burning sensation with will only last 2-3 minutes as the skin is then neutralised. The skin simply feels warm after this. You may have some localised swelling and slight skin irritation. Within a few days your skin will become tight, darker and will start to peel on day 3-4. After your skin has finished peeling, it will start to feel smoother, tighter and begin to look more youthful. Your nurse will recommend skincare products and sun protection to use at your consultation during and after your peel to get the best effect from it and to look after your skin in the future.

I had acne as a teenager and thought I was clear and that was the end of it until I had my first baby. I had terrible acne throughout the pregnancy, which I thought, would clear afterwards but it didn't and was beginning to leave marks on my skin. It was then that I sought the help of Stephanie. She changed my skin care to products that actually treated my acne and then I had a course of skin rejuvenation to help the small scars and even out my skin. I still have the occasional breakout but I'm so happy now and feel I know how to look after my skin properly

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