3D Lipolite - Initial Phase

Before entering the 3d-lipolite programme, you will have a consultation to discuss the programme in more detail; what’s involved, expectations and suitability. During this process, a medical history will be taken and consent to participate obtained. Essentially the 3d-lipolite programme involves an initial session with the practitioner to take baseline measurements and set targets. Diet and nutrition will be discussed and you will be given supplements, recipe ideas along with meal and snack allowances based on our unique points system. Exercise advice will be given at the start, although experience has shown that exercise increases throughout the duration of the program as weight loss is achieved and people gain more energy and better fitness levels.

Lipolite - Active Phase

Following on from the initial phase, you enter the active phase. This is a combination of diet, treatments and exercise with regular monitoring and follow-ups. From the very start of the programme, treatments will be planned at weekly intervals (these are optional). The treatments will be tailored to treat areas that will benefit you the most, as we know that all people are different. Treatment sessions will last an hour and a half each week and there is no downtime following any of the procedures. Treatments are very safe, effective and painless and all of the treatments will be discussed with you in detail before they take place.

Lipolite - Maintenance Phase

The programme can continue for as long as required, ideally when your perfect weight and level of fitness has been achieved. After completing the active phase of the program, it is strongly encouraged to enter the maintenance phase. This consists of monthly consultations with our practitioners, ongoing monitoring and adherence to the exercise and diet regime but without the need for body treatments. The success of long-term weight loss is ongoing maintenance, support and motivation. At Springwell we have a small studio to continue your exercise one to one with one of our selected personal trainers.

On line support, Weight Loss Guru

Weight Loss Guru is a membership site that gives you 24/7 access to an online weight loss programme. The website is a goldmine of information, inspiration and motivation. Many weight-loss plans limit your calorie intake in the short-term, without making any long-term changes. So as soon as you finish their programme, you go back to your old eating habits and the weight piles back on. Weight Loss Guru focuses on breaking the beliefs that have held you back, and supports you in sticking to your new habits. Using this programme will help you keep motivated to really lose weight and keep it off forever.

I've been on diets my whole life, a typical yo-yo dieter each time thinking I'll never put the weight back on but always doing so with a bit more as well. I will try anything to be slim so when I saw that Springwell Clinic offered body sculpting and weight loss programmes I had to see what it was all about. For the first time in my life I think that this will work for me because as well as the diet of shakes and soups for quick weight loss and the body treatments to help with inch loss, they also have a studio where I can see a personal trainer without the embarrassment of a big gym and then have the support of Stuart who will help me change the awful habits I've picked up along the way, and help me to eat in a way that I will be able to maintain my new body.

Angela Watley

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