How does Obagi work?

Obagi is a true all-rounder and can peel, rejuvenate and de-pigment any type of skin safely. The Nu-Derm creams alone can often achieve highly effective results. The active ingredients in the creams are hydroquinone and tretinoin. Hydroquinone stops the cells that produce pigment from producing more and the tretinoin, which is a Vitamin A based ingredient, removes excess pigmentation already in the skin as well as softening wrinkles and rejuvenating it. The whole system exfoliates the skin, and the unique patented system allows the ingredients to deeply penetrate the skin.

Am I suitable for treatment?

The Obagi Nu-Derm system is suitable for all skin types but as the ingredients are prescription strength, there are some short-term side effects, such as redness, tightness and peeling. It is important that you have a thorough consultation and be given advice on how to manage the side effects. Symptoms are rarely severe, and generally the more of a reaction you get, the better the results.

How long is the treatment time?

During your consultation you will be given a personalised 6-12 week course of Obagi Nu-Derm creams, which contain tretinoin and hydroquinone. You will need to apply about 5 creams every morning and evening, including an SPF Cream. We will bring you back for a review after 2 weeks and then again after 4 weeks.

How long do the effects last?

You will be advised to continue with a maintenance regime and a daily SPF. Keeping to a healthy lifestyle and diet helps keep skin in a good condition.

I was really unsure as to how I would cope with using all the creams and the side effects when I was first told how good Obagi would be for my skin. My nurse was great at supporting me through my little worries and twice when my skin was red and I was going out, she helped me to use products to calm my skin down. The results have been worth everything and I never want to go back to my ' old' skin! Nurse support, Hydrate and Bare Minerals have been my best allies on my journey to better skin

Lauren Parker

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