Am I suitable for treatment?

If you have any of these minor blemishes and are not sure if they can be removed, come for a consultation and we will advise you. Before removal of a mole for cosmetic reasons, it is a requirement that you visit your GP and have the mole checked, prior to treatment.

How are the blemishes removed?

We apply anaesthetic cream 30 minutes prior to treatment to numb the area, then apply a small heated needle to the blemish. A small scab forms to heal the area, which drops off 7-10 days later.

How many treatments will I need?

Usually only one treatment is required for the blemish that is treated.

Unfortunately, I have the type of skin that suffers with skin tags and I have had regular treatments for their removal since my late twenties. Although this can be quite uncomfortable, Short Wave Diathermy is quick and a large number of tags are able to be treated in a single appointment. Even though the treatment causes a little redness and some scabbing for a short while afterwards, the result of smooth clear skin is worthwhile and hasn't put me off returning for my regular sessions!

Christine Morris - Short Wave Diathermy

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